Some SharePoint users always show up as DOMAIN\username

This is a common issue that most of SharePoint Admin or Developers come across where some users do not resolve to First Name Last Name but instead, they resolve as ‘domain\username’.

For instance, it resolves as  microsoft\sdakoju instead of Susheel Dakoju within the address book of SharePoint.

Following two steps seems to have worked for me. I am just jotting them down and might help someone out there facing the same issue.

  1. Run Set-SPUser PowerShell Command

    1. Specifies that user information will be synchronized from the user directory store.
      Set-SPUser -Identity ‘i:0#.w|microsoft\sdakoju’ –Web https://yourdomain/ –SyncFromAD
  2. Delete the user from the UIL (User Information List) – (Optional)

    1. The User Information List (“/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx” or “_catalogs/users/detail.aspx”) is a hidden list in each site collection that is only visible and accessible to Site Collection Administrators. The User Information List stores metadata information about a user.
    2. It is totally safe to delete the user from this list, the user will get added or recreated when the user visits the sites.

Regarding how this might have happened in the first place, I did not perform any root cause analysis due to pressing timeline to resolve the issue.

There could be multiple reasons, following is

  • Username or some user information may have been edited in Active Directory.
    For instance, some users move from temp to full time so the username might have changed to the one without temp.

    • sdakoju-temp to sdakoju or
    • sdakoju-domain1 to sdakoju-domain etc.
  • There could be an error or issue while the SharePoint profile Sync is running.
    • Check the error log for more details.
  • Core user profile services and other supporting services might not have recovered due to unplanned reboot or patching.

Happy TroubleShooting!!

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