SharePoint Fast Search Concepts and Terminology – Part 4/4

This blog post is Part 4/4 of blog post series that will help you to get familiar with few concepts and terminologies referred in any search technology. As this blog series is more focused towards ‘Fast Search for SharePoint’ you may see jargon relevant to this.

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The following graphic gives ten thousand foot view of what I am trying to capture and explain in this blog post series.


Fast Search Terminology and Concepts

8. Linguistics

Search engines perform a lot of language specific processing. This includes applying rules specific to that language and offensive language filtering, synonyms etc. Explaining in detail about how FS4SP behaves for languages is out of scope of this blog post.

9. Tokenization

When content sources are defined, Search engines crawl and will index those and will generate indexes. Some search engines refers to them as documents. Tokenization is a process of analyzing those documents and breaking the text into terms or tokens recognizable by the search engine.

10. Keyword Rank

This is the technique to improve ranking on documents that contains predefined keywords. This is a useful technique to forcefully enhance ranking among documents for better enhanced search experience.

11. Rank Profiles

Rank profiles are core component with FS4SP that defines how to rank items with in result set. There is a provision to create multiple Rank Profiles via Powershell, that defines how weights are applied to items or any components.





9. Keyword Rank

10. Rank Profiles

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