Managed Metadata Services – SharePoint 2010/2013: Part 2/4 – Creating your first Managed Metadata Service Application

This blog post Part 2/4 is all about what Managed Metadata is for SharePoint, why is it so important to maintain accurate and consisted metadata across portals and how SharePoint can help manage metadata.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Creating your first Managed Metadata Service Application
Part 3: Creating Term set, Terms and Tagging content with managed terms.
Part 4: Leveraging Termset to create and update Site Navigation

Step 1: Create new Managed Metadata Service using ‘New’ under ‘Service Applications’ section with in the ribbon.

Add new Managed Metadata Service

Add new Managed Metadata Service

Step 2: Give appropriate name to your service application, database name and you may create or use an existing application pool.

1 2

 Step 3: Confirm if the Service Application is created. Please see highlighted below.



Step 4: Make sure Managed Metadata Web Service is started under Central Administration > System Settings > Manage services on server

You may have encountered the following error. Please see the resolution following the screen capture.


Make sure your ‘Managed Metadata Web Service’ is started.


 Step 5: Reset IIS. Highly recommended.

You are all set! Congratulate yourself, you created  your first Managed Metadata Service.

Things to observe:

1. You should see at a database created with the name you gave to the Database in step 2.

Managed Metadata Service Database

2. Also there Should be an entry in the IIS, click explore and you should see a folder with .svc file.

Explore Managed Metadata IIS Entry

Please continue to read other related blog posts for more understanding of Managed Metadata services with SharePoint.


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