Provider Hosted App (Add-in) on SharePoint Online in 5 steps – Step 2/5

Step 2: Configure Visual Studio for development

Step 2 a: Create a new project of Type ‘Apps for SharePoint’

Create Visual Studio Project

Enter the SharePoint Site URL where this app needs to be deployed and select Provider-hosted

Site Name and Select Provider Hosted APP

You will prompted to enter your office 365 credentials to select the version of the SharePoint

Connect Visual Studio with Office 365

Please select SharePoint Online

Select the SharePoint version

Leave the default Option, unless you want to use certificate authentication.

App Authentication

Choose the web application project of your choice

Select Web Application Type

  • Two projects will be created
    • One for SharePoint online – ThermoConverterApp
    • One for Azure Web App     – ThermoConverterAppWeb

If you publish/deploy ‘ThermoConverterAppWeb’ it will be deployed to Azure and the if you deploy/publish ‘ThermoConverterApp’ it will be deployed to SharePoint. Notice the icons to differentiate better.

Visual Studio with two project

Once you are complete with all the above steps, please check the properties of project, the ‘SiteURL’ should match your SharePoint Online site.

SharePoint Project Properties

Continue to Step 3: Register the app and update the Visual Studio>>

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